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Jeroen Batterink

As a baby, Jeroen had been fascinated by sounds. Little things like his father impersonating a car could trigger him into great laughter. This fascination has always stayed an important factor in his life, only it has become more and more developed through the years. In elementary school he soon found a great affinity for rhythm, and when he started playing rhythms on pots and pans at home, his parents persuaded him into taking drum lessons. After some struggles with the rather harsh teaching styles of his first teacher, David Bonsels, he started to really enjoy playing drums and practising became an important part of the day. Drums became an even bigger part of his life in high school, when he found three like minded musical friends that he formed a band with, named ‘E-sevensharp9’. This band has been quite successful, writing a full album, winning a number of concourses (such as ‘Op weg naar het Nieuwjaarsconcert’), playing at many major venues in the Netherlands (such as the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam and Vredenburg, Utrecht) and making several appearances on Dutch national television. During this period he decided that he wanted to become a professional musician.
With the help of his new drum teacher Peter Elbertse, timpani player at the renowned Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra, he developed his technique and reading skills.

Idolizing drummers like Brian Blade and Eric Harland, he soon developed a great interest in jazz. He decided to start taking drum lessons with jazz drummer Niek van Wiggen (Millenium Jazz Orchestra a.o.). Through Niek, Jeroen came into contact with Peter Guidi, leader of many youth orchestra’s, through which many upcoming musicians found their way into professional orchestra’s. Jeroen was accepted into Peter Guidi’s ‘Jazz Generation Big Band’, and later the ‘Jazz Focus Big Band’. This led to playing a series of performances in some of the most important venues in the Netherlands such as Paradiso, Amsterdam. Also, with the ‘Jazz Focus Big Band’ he managed to win first prize in the prestigious ‘Prinses Christina Jazz Concours’.

In 2009 Jeroen was accepted into the preliminary year, and the year after that into the bachelor of the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Here he had the privilege to study with some of the Netherlands’ best jazz drummers such as Martijn Vink and Marcel Serierse, as well as the opportunity to follow masterclasses from greats like Nasheet Waits, John Riley, Eric Harland and many more. Studying harder than ever and playing with people as much he could, Jeroen managed to become one of the first-call drummers in the conservatory and Amsterdam jazz scene. With the Vuma Levin Quintet he toured in South Africa and won third prize in the international ‘Keep an Eye’ jazz award. In 2014 he graduated the conservatory with honors (Cum Laude).

Currently he is operating as a professional musician in-and outside the Amsterdam jazz and pop scene. Next to that he runs a private drum school in which he is teaching with great passion

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