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Gianluca Liberatore

Gianluca Liberatore was born in Palermo, Sicily. The Italian island is the major in the Mediterranean sea and it has always been hosting an astonishing mix of cultures. The search for diversity became for Gianluca an important feature in his musical experience.
He started playing the guitar at the age of 12 and the bass guitar at 14. Discovering the music of Bill Evans brought him in contact with jazz music and, consecutively, with double bass playing.
Gianluca studied in Italy at the Brass Group and the Open Jazz School of Mimmo Cafiero, attending masterclasses and having lessons with Harvie S, Reuben Rogers, Eric Revis, Eddie Gomez, Clark Cables, Gregory Hutchinson and others.
In 2010 he moved to the Netherlands, where he studied at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the guide of Frans van der Hoeven. In the four years of Bachelor program he got in touch with a variety of genres and musicians. Results of these years of studies and collaborations are performances in a number of festivals in Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland.
Has performed alongside Ronal Douglas, Deborah Carter, Bob Stoloff during the summer jazz workshop at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In 2013 he released a record with the Australian leader, composer and saxophone player Gemma Farrell.
As an educator Gianluca has been teaching bass guitar, double bass, music theory, songwriting, ensembles, and pedagogic subjects.

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