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Federica Colangelo

Federica started playing piano at the age if 8. At 19 she graduated in piano Performance
at the Royal School of Music of London. For a period of two years she worked for
Fandango Productions (Precious, Videocrazy, Gomorra) in Rome between 2001 and
2003. In 2004 she moved to the Netherlands to study jazz with Bert van den Brink, Karel
Boehlee, Randal Corsen and Cor Bakker. Concluded her Bachelor degree, she was
invited on exceptional terms to take part of the Master Program in Classical Composition
at the Conservatory of Utrecht. Here, thanks also to the close collaborations with Jeroen
dʼHoe, Otto Ketting, Ned McGowan and Amina Figarova, Federica could push even
further her inner boundaries between jazz and classical music, between improvised and
notated music. During her Bachelor studies she began the project Acquaphonica, of
which she is leader, pianist and composer. The first CD of Acquaphonica (Private
Enemy) was released in 2012. Acquaphonica has been touring in Poland, Italy, Bulgaria,
Germany and the Netherlands presenting the music of Private Enemy.
Journalists Gerlando Gatto and Luigi Onori write on “A proposito di jazz” about
Acquaphonica: ʻThe nine featured tracks are all composed by Colangelo and they
demonstrate the wide range moods she is capable of evoking through her music. Her
songs are characterised by beautiful melodic development through which they transmit
powerful emotions. This is enriched by an excellent sense of musical structure and also
through a remarkable balance between written and improvised sections.ʼ Jan Jasper
Tamboer writes on Jazzenzo: ʻthe perfection is such that you almost have the desire to
look for a stain, but the search would be guaranteed to end in disappointment. It is
wonderful to enjoy a CD where everything is in it’s right place.ʼ The debut CD ʻPrivate
Enemyʼ was recorded in Fattoria Musica in Ösnabruck.

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