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Zain Calcuttawala

Zain began his career as an artist manager working closely with artists like ‘Megadeth,’ ‘Imogen Heap,’ ‘T-Pain’ and many others. Now freelancing as a music producer, Zain composes his own music under the stage name, ‘Bulli Bainbridge,’ plus he produces and engineers independent musicians such as ‘Short Round,’ ‘Spud In The Box,’ ‘Raghav Meattle’ and others. Zain also composes, produces, and mixes music for ads and short films along with his partner, Sid Talwar. They’ve worked with several brands such as Swiggy, TBZ, Sula, Bajaj, and many others.

Apart from this he is also a member of ‘Bohemia Junction,’ which is an entity that represents Abbey Road Studios’ mastering services, and The Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra recording services in India.

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