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Raghuraman Ramasubramanian

Raghuraman Ramasubramanian is a guitarist and bassist Based Currently in Bangalore. He has studied independently under the likes of Aman Mahajan, Amit Heri, Lew Hilt, Sid Jacobs which has helped in a career as an educator and performer with a healthy sense of musical definitions. Having a performance background with people like Sid Jacobs, Rotem Sivan, Fabio Bergamini, Pedro Carnero Silva, Luiza Sales, Karina Collis, Sanjeev Thomas, Esther Rojas, Michael Veerapan, Ganesh Bala, GV Prakash, Alap Raju, Suchitra, Ranjit Barot, Lucky Ali, Purbhayan Chaterjee, Taufeeq Qureshi, Fasal Qureshi, Raghu is also well versed in production, arranging and playing in different genres ranging from Jazz to Pop, Fusion To Progressive Metal, Carnatic to Blues.

Raghu also comes with experience in a vast array of experience working as Both in the Studio and as backstage and stage crew for bands like Metallica, Mosko, Asian Dub Foundation, Dunklebunt, The Blind Suns. With 14 years experience in performing and teaching including being Guitar & Bass faculty at Swarnabhoomi Academy Of Music to performing at venues with crowds many a thousand strong to Organising festivals and precession backstage work with
equal passion in each.

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