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Uday Benegal

Uday Benegal is one of India’s most influential independent musicians. Best known as the
lead singer and founder of India’s leading rock band, Indus Creed, Uday began his journey in
the mid-’80s with one of India’s earliest groups, Rock Machine. With those two pioneering
bands, he blazed trails across India and abroad through the ’90s. Along with touring the
(then) USSR in 1988, he won an Asia-wide MTV Video Music Award for the Indus Creed
song “Pretty Child,” performed live with Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash, shared the stage with
Bon Jovi, and played at Peter Gabriel’s prestigious WOMAD festival in the UK.

In 1999, Uday moved to New York with his new Indo-rock band Alms for Shanti, with whom
he performed extensively across New York City’s clubs and at festivals in the US, Canada
and India. In 2008, Uday moved back to India and re-entered the country’s newly exploding
music scene with a bang, regrouping with his old band Indus Creed. In 2012 they released
their newest album, “Evolve” (Uday wrote and composed all the songs, including the hit
track “Fireflies”), which was mixed by the Grammy-nominated mixing engineer Tim Palmer,
renowned for his work with Pearl Jam, U2, Ozzy Osbourne, Mark Knopfler and Tears for
Fears. In 2013, Indus Creed were awarded Best Band at the Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards and a
year later were bestowed with Vh1’s first ever Hall of Fame award.

Uday produces music independently as well. He has sung and composed numerous
advertising jingles and sang the song “Life Is Crazy” for the Bollywood movie Wake Up Sid.
He appeared on all three seasons of FOX Life’s music series Soundtrek. In addition to his
illustrious music career, Uday is also a prolific writer and has written for a number of
publications in the US and India, including The Village Voice, Time Out New York, GQ India,
Forbes India, Rolling Stone India, Midday and Man’s World.

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