Dario Brandt

Head of Music Production

Dario Brandt is a German-born music producer, composer, audio engineer, sound designer and voice over artist. He studied “Composition and Music Technology” at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands and finished with a Bachelor of honors, as well as a Master degree in Creative Design for Digital Cultures in 2014.

Since 2013 Dario is active as a freelancer in the Dutch and international music industry. As a member of the collective “Spoon Sound” he designed music and audio for clients like Shanghai Radio, ING Bank and KPN. As the former Head of Audio for the international music television station XITE he not only composed jingles and mixed TV shows but also acted as a voice-over artist for the German channel.

With a passion for music education Dario continuously searches for opportunities to teach his profession. In 2013 he traveled abroad to coach music technology teachers at the College of Arts “TaSUBa” in Tanzania, Africa. While studying he kept a music education blog that to this day collects more than 30.000 views per month. In 2014 and 2015 he gave courses in music production at the Utrecht School of Arts and now he teaches the new generation of successful Indian composers and music producers at this School.