Camille Polycarp

Camille Polycarp

With a love for combining the basic and the best of both, digital and analog worlds, sound engineer Camille Polycarp believes that the fun lies in the use of the technology that straddles these worlds. He loves to bring alive the music written in the image of the composer, while adding his own sonic vision, thereby colouring the spectrum beautiful. Quality stays the first priority, always and at every stage.

In all his Live Sound interactions with clients, he carries with him his vast experience with equipment and software alike, his expertise in producing records/songs/jingles, recording voice and instruments and his mixing and mastering services. His technical know-how extends to a wide range of music styles, coupled with his ability to capture the raw emotion exuded during a performance.

Understanding that live sound and studio sessions have similar challenges, but different environments, he crosses over regularly between the two, so as to imbibe the best of two worlds and connect them with each other.

His past experiences in film and ad-film production have given Camille experience and exposure to video and its relevant formats and technology. With a keen interest in learning all the requisites that come with his role in this field, Camille brings with him a wealth of knowledge into the Live Soundscape arena. His implementations have been fun and mind-blowing.

Camille’s love for designing with technology is a key element he uses in his music sessions, concerts, studio sessions, and live broadcast projects. With a vast experience of over 22 years in the field of sound, he looks forward to learning new things daily.