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Aneesh Pradhan

A disciple of tabla maestro Pandit Nikhil Ghosh, Aneesh Pradhan is a leading tabla soloist and accompanist to vocal and instrumental music and dance. He has inherited from his guru a considerable repertoire of traditional tabla solo compositions from the Delhi, Ajrada, Lucknow, Farrukhabad and Punjab gharanas. A recipient of several awards, Aneesh is a popular performer for classical and inter-cultural music concerts at most prestigious concerts and festivals in the country and overseas.

He is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the India Research Centre, Macquarie University, Australia. He was also a Research Fellow at the Department of Media, Music and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University, Australia. He regularly conducts lecture-demonstrations, workshops and participates in seminars, at various universities and other educational institutions in India and abroad. His teaching assignments in the past include short terms as artist-in-residence at the University of New England, Australia, and as guest lecturer at the Music Department, University of Mumbai.

Aneesh has a doctoral degree in History from the University of Mumbai. A keen researcher of trends in performance, music education and patronage that unfolded in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, he writes frequently on music for newspapers, journals and other publications in India and abroad. He is deeply involved in creating and developing educational material related to Indian music and is the author of a children’s book on tabla and a recent publication entitled Tabla: A Performer’s Perspective.

Aneesh is Founder-Director of Underscore Records, an independent online record label that he established with vocalist Shubha Mudgal. Along with Shubha, Aneesh also curates a festival called Baajaa Gaajaa: Music from 21st Century India which celebrates and showcases the diversity of music from India.

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