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Alfie Copovi

Born in Valencia, Spain in 1985. Alfie had a very early contact with the instrument (age 5), some years of elementary music school, family musicians and own experimentation set him on track to become a musician. At the age of 10 he started lessons with jazz pianist Ricardo Belda where he learned the insights of harmony and piano technique (1995-2005), and started performing as a professional musician.
More than 10 years playing in the scenes of Valencia, Amsterdam and Belgium, playing in venues, concert halls and events. International tours (Poland, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany..) with different bands. Sharing the stage with Spanish top-notch musicians like: Toni Belenguer, Victor Giménez, Ximo Tevar, Vicente Macián, Voro Garcia…
Experience as piano and theory teacher, until now working in Yamaha Music School Valencia in collaboration with Berklee musicians.
Composing and arranging for lots of different projects. Arrangements for horn-section and rythm-section, lots of different music styles: Brazilian music, Latin music, Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop.

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