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They say if you’ve lived in Mumbai then you can live anywhere in the world. True School has more than 60% of its students who come from cities outside Mumbai. While we do not have our own accommodation, we do assist you.

Students will be given numbers of reliable brokers who can help them in finding apartments and we will also share details of other students joining the same batch, so students can share apartments with each other.


Due to diversity in population, food is never really a problem in a city like Mumbai. Whether you are a vegetarian, a hard-core meat eater, someone who only prefers Gujarati, Jain or maybe even just North Indian cuisine, with it’s hundreds of restaurants, home cooks, and delivery services, Mumbai caters to all taste buds.

At True School, we have a vegetarian canteen that serves affordable home-cooked meals for lunch and breakfast, everyday, in addition to a menu that includes sandwiches, chaat, salads, juices, and much more.

There are also options for dabba services and all major delivery platforms such as Zomato, Swiggy, Scootsy, Uber Eats, etc. deliver to school.


Being in Lower Parel, True School is easily accessible by both Western and Central Railway lines as well as by road. Lower Parel station on the Western Line is the closest railway station, approx. 5 min walking distance. Curry Road on the Central Line is an approx. 7-10 min walk from school. Black and Yellow taxis as well as Ola and Uber are also easily available around school. Although the frequency is less, there is also a monorail that connects the Harbor Line to Lower Parel.

Considering the recent flooding situation in the city, knowing how to swim and travel by boat are the most effective modes of transportation during the monsoon season! Just kidding.

Entertainment and Music

Mumbai is a cultural blend of traditional festivals, food, music, theatre, and art. There are several live music venues across the city and around school. Most of the teachers at True School are active musicians in the scene and do plenty of gigs during the week. Places like The Finch, Veranda, The Little Door, AntiSocial, Levi’s Lounge, MTV Flyp, Flea Bazaar Café, etc. are popular live music venues.

Safety for Women

One of the biggest concerns for female students is how safe moving to a new city might be. In 2013, Mumbai bagged the title of the safest city in India by the Solo Women Traveller Survey.

The area around True School is usually buzzing with people till late hours of the night, thus making it safe for female students traveling to and fro from the school. Like with any city, there are certain areas to be avoided, and all women should follow standard safety norms such as not walking alone too late at night, especially on deserted or dimly lit streets.

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