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NH7: Plans for New Music School, True School of Music, Announced

TSM is the venture of blueFROG co-founder Ashutosh Phatak along with the Frog’s CTO Nitin Chandy, in collaboration with the Manhattan School of Music and others.

A constant complaint I hear from many young artists in the scene is that it’s near impossible in India today to make a career, or sustain a livelihood, performing and recording music. Sure, there are a handful of bands whose day jobs are “just” touring and releasing albums and EPs, but they’re the exceptions to the trend. For a majority of musicians in the independent music scene today, keeping a regular day job is essential for them to indulge in their musical pursuits. A variety of now-cliched reasons exist for this status quo to have persisted for all these years, but one of the key factors has been the lack of professional training in music. When a young musician decides to expand his/her musical horizons and really study music, only a limited number of options exist that make any sense at all in terms of a worthwhile return on investment (fees mainly). If you’ve got money, you’re aiming for Berklee or Musicians Institute to give you that bump in career prospects or just a better understanding of contemporary music and your instrument of choice. But for those who can’t shell out the big bucks, there are precious few options. Until now, institues like the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, the Global Music Institute (who recently added the Berklee curriculum to their programmes) and the I Love Music Academy have tried to fill the latent demand for professional training in music in the country. Today, a new name was added to that list, and one that aims to give young musicians a “comprehensive” learning base from which “lucrative careers in music” would hopefully open up.

The True School of Music press conference in May 2013
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