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NEW VIDEO SERIES:- TSM Original Music Showcase: Into The Calm by Chris Talio



The True School of Music is excited to present to you another brand new video series – TSM Original Music Showcase. The idea is to showcase some original compositions written by our faculty members & performed for the attendees at our auditorium.



The video above is the first of five compositions which were written by various faculty members last semester, as part of the Original Music Masterclass, which was conducted on March 12th 2015 for all our pro students. This specific composition was written by our pro bass faculty – Chris Talio, who hails from New York. Here is what he had to say about his composition….

“This song was written in the summer of my 3rd year at conservatory. I was exploring the use of harmonic minor and harmonic major sounds through composition and feeling particularly tranquil due to the spring semester successfully coming to a close. “Into the Calm” was written based on the concepts of tension and release. The introduction to the song represents the calm and is followed by two sections that utilize tension in different ways. The first section uses the sounds of harmonic major and harmonic minor; beautiful chords that are also eerie and dissonant. The “B” section uses odd rhythmic phrasing to implement tension, ultimately leading to it’s calm resolution when the introductory melody is reintroduced”. 

For this performance, Chris Talio was accompanied on keys by Lennart Altgenug, on guitar by Sean Richey and on drums by Jeroen Batterink. The video was shot & edited by our video department – Kaval Chaudhari & Ritesh Chheda, audio was mixed by our pro sound engineering student – Drona Acharya and produced by our online content editor & curator – Reji Ravindran.

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