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Musical Icon: Jimi Hendrix

VARIOUS - 1967

There are thousands of guitarists from around the world who claim Jimi Hendrix is the one who got them into music. Although the guitarist died many years ago, he remains an inspiration within the music world. He has long been classified as a musical icon, and his work is discussed in music schools around the world.

The legend was born in 1942 and entered the army in 1962. When he came out, his goal was to become a musician – and that is what he did. He was known for his incredible guitar playing skills on the Gibson Flying V as well as the Fender Stratocaster. He has left his mark across a number of genres of music, though it is his soul and R&B that he is most known for.

He was a backing band member in the 1960s for TOBA, which was the Theater Owners’ Booking Association. It was commonly referred to as “Tough on Black Asses” because the audiences demanded so much from the performers.

Hendrix enriched his style after years of playing and listening to others perform. It was at Chitlin’ Circuit where he created the style that he is well known for. He won first prize at the Apollo Theater and in 1964, he was offered a guitarist position with The Isley Brothers. He then recorded and performed with Little Richard and other great soul acts.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience was his own band with whom he performed. They were signed to a management and production contract in 1966, which is when “Purple Haze” and other singles were released. All of the singles made it to the UK Top 10 and went popular all around the world.

Many people don’t know that he was obsessed with Bob Dylan, and this led to his infamous fashion sense. He owned his style in both fashion and music. He knew how to play the guitar and did so on stage using his teeth, behind his back, and more in order to create a true show for his fans. His guitar style and musical voice left an impression on the music world that many have tried to imitate, but none have been able to duplicate.

He became one of the many 1960s rock stars who died from drug-related activities. However, he will forever be remembered for the development of the electric guitar. He left behind top singles on the music charts and many more that were never released. His skill set on the guitar has influenced musicians within the music world of funk, hip hop, heavy metal, hard rock, and more. People who weren’t even born when his music was hitting the music charts have credited Jimi Hendrix as being their inspiration.

In order for your music to be as strong as it needs to be in today’s competitive music world, it’s important to study the music icons. Whether you’re a guitarist or not, Jimi Hendrix is an icon who is worth studying because of his legendary style and his unquestioned music genius.

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