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Students Recreate ‘Earth Song’ on World Nature Conservation Day

On 28th July 2020, 25 musicians across India came together digitally, to release a rendition of the classic Michael Jackson track “Earth Song”. This was released on ‘World Nature Conservation Day’ as a collaborative effort to educate people and create a sense of enlightenment about what has been going on as a repercussion of human […]

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Music Producers vs. Audio Engineers : Nomenclature of Names, Designations and Titles used in the field of music

The simplest explanation is that music producers compose or produce music while sound engineers record and mix music. The designation ‘Music Producer’ has come in vogue in the past twenty years or so. Sound Engineers have existed since the era of radio broadcasting that commenced in the 1920s. These lab coat-wearing personnel looked quite different […]

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Meet the Faculty – Aron Nyiro (Head of Drum Department)

What’s the hardest part about being a musician and what’s the best? I think the hardest part is probably handling uncertainty. As a working musician you necessarily have to be a freelancer. Therefore you’ll have busy times and quiet times and can never really know what’s going to happen 2 month in the future. This […]

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How to Use Influencers to Promote Your Music

promote your music

You need to promote your music in order to develop a following. It’s not always easy to promote your own music. Everyone assumes that you are going to say that your music is “the best” because you are responsible for creating it. What carries more weight with your audience is what other people have to […]

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Famous Musicians Who Went to College

Many musicians say they don’t need to go to school. They don’t have the desire to go to college or music school, which is dangerous. While musicians may have talents that were developed outside of the four walls of school, there are certain things that can be learned while in school. Not everyone who goes […]

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One of the Hottest Trends: Musical Comebacks

Bands will come and go. Those that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s had their spotlight. Some of them are still around, but most of them have faded into the background. Many groups have even chosen to move on and work on solo projects. […]

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Collaboration Reigns Supreme in the Music Industry

It’s common for those within the music industry to collaborate. Two heads are better than one in many instances. Throughout the past several years, some of the best songs are as a result of artists putting their differences aside and collaborating on a sound. There are many benefits to music collaboration. […]

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A Tribute to BB King

This year, the world of music lost a singer songwriter who was born Riley B. King. Most people know him by his stage name of BB King. He was listed as one of the greatest guitarists in the world and has been listed as a source of inspiration for musicians around the globe. […]

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TV Leads to Career Opportunities

tv leads to career opportunities

Regardless of where you live, there is likely a TV talent show that you can enter to be on. This can lead to a number of career opportunities as well as your “big break” because it gets you seen by so many people. It may be hard for you to break into the music industry […]

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The Importance of Finding Music Inspiration

All of the greatest musicians have their inspiration. During interviews, you hear guitarists talking about Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. You hear pianists talking about Ray Charles and Martha Algerich. When you hear drummers, they are talking about Keith Moon and Charlie Watts. Hearing who some of your favorite musicians look up to can help […]

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The True School of Music Performances at The Mahindra Blues Festival 2015

music performances

  Earlier this year, some of the best talent amongst our students & teachers at The True School of Music, got a chance to perform with some of the biggest name in Blues at the the annual Mahindra Blues Festival, at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai on February 14th & 15th 2015. This year’s stellar lineup […]

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True Words – Episode 7 – Nucleya, Pretty Lights, Midival Punditz, Indus Creed

Since our inception, TSM has had the pleasure of hosting some of the biggest names in the Indian & international contemporary music scene. Watch the video below to hear from Nucleya, Pretty Lights, Midival Punditz & Uday Benegal from Indus Creed regarding our music education services & facilities…. To find out more about our courses, contact us. […]

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Inspirational Musicians Who Overcame the Odds

There are a lot of inspirational musicians who beat the odds and became big hits. Many people have taken inspiration from them and pursued music as a career. Learning about them can provide you with motivation to get through music school and help you decide that you want to turn your music education into a […]

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