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Music is no longer the elusive career path that it used to be; a path reserved only for a privileged few. In fact, the last 5 years have seen phenomenal growth in the entertainment and media sectors that has invariably led to a huge demand for music professionals; individuals who understand industry standards and can deliver to match and exceed expectations.The Recorded Music Industry in India is currently worth $150 million. Currently there are around 1000 live gigs and 3120 DJ gigs taking place every year; this means that India is now one of the most rapidly expanding markets for independent and alternative music and culture. As far as music production goes, over a 1000 films and about 19,000 ads are being created and released each year; and this is just scratching the surface. 

The sheer number of opportunities that are available in the realm of music is mind-boggling. Additionally, a burgeoning music market like ours brings with it a host of job profile requirements; it has gone beyond just performers and composers, there’s music marketing, artist management, programmers, event promoters, producers, record label owners, booking agencies and also symbiotic collaborations between music and other art forms like visual design, space design, dance and graphic design, to name a few.

What this country’s growing music industry really needs is for people of the right caliber to meet its demands. We, at The True School of Music, aim to do just that. Every year a large number of music professionals will graduate from The True School of Music who are competent enough to take on the music industry and thrive within in. The Admissions Fairs that we’ve been hosting at the school are not just about getting students to enroll in our courses; it’s to educate people about the scope within the music industry, its realities and how an aspiring musician can reach his professional goals here. We’ve had music icons like Indian Ocean and Ranjit Barot share their wisdom and experience at these fairs.

Without a doubt, music as a career path is here to stay and we’re here to make it a more focused, structured, professional yet enjoyable experience for all those who believe making music is their true calling.

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