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Meet the Students – Ruhika Rao


1. When and why did you start singing?
I’ve been singing since I was in 2nd standard, I use to sing in a choir but my professional training stated in TSM only.

2. Which Instrument do you play
I play keys and do know a bit of guitar but it’s just basic chords but mostly I just sing.

3. Which famous Musician you admire? Why?
BEYONCE!!! Why? Because she has a very unique style of singing and she’s unique as a performer and she’s versatile and she owns every style of genre that she sings.

4. Who are your inspirations?
BEYONCE!!! and… BEYONCE!!! and… Amy Winehouse, Witney Huston, Stevie Wonder etc…

5. Do you write your own music? And how do you start?
Yes I do write songs, whatever I write its all about whats’ happening in my life at that moment.

6. Why type of genres you sing or play?
I mostly try singing all genres I like to explore each and every part and inch of it though I don’t play them as well but I do try, I’m learning how to play jazz, but otherwise the basic chords I play.

7. How do you warm up before a performance?
I always start with physical exercise and vocal exercise where I try to hum all the difficult parts of the song.

8. How do you cover up mistakes during a performance?
If I make a mistake while singing, I try to belt that part and make a run so people forget the previous mistake and go like “oh that was nice” or if I trip or fall during the performance I pretend that I was head banging and I just break into a weird head banging motion.

9. Do you get nervous before a gig? How do you get over it?
Yes! Always and to get rid of that I find Simar and then I hug her.

10. What would you advice to other vocalist who are nervous before performing?
What my teachers use to teach me is that look at people’s foreheads so they think that you’re looking them in the eye but in reality you’re just staring at their forehead and then they get uncomfortable so.

11. How often do you practice in a day?
If I’m busy at that time then I practice at least 1-2 hours otherwise I make an attempt to practice 3-4 hours per day.

12. What type of exercise you do while practicing?
First, just vocal warm-up. Scales and then my 3rd’s and 5th’s and my runs, belting, sirens and then I practice my songs.

13. What projects are you part of currently?
Currently I’m part of three acts ‘Dwam Society’ and ‘Survival Instant’, and I have an acoustic/electronic set called ‘Two of a kind.’

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