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Meet the Students – Akhil Sindhwani

April 2016 Showcase-19

Akhil Sindhwani – Bassist

Projects :- Absolution, Dwam Society, Swarantar, Solfege

1. If you could be one other artist for a day, who would you choose and why?
Maybe an inventor of some sort. Could be science. Could be any other thing as well.

2. How and why did you pick bass?
I learnt classical guitar for most of the time… and played the same with my band at that time.. Although, Ryan Bahl was the one who once asked me to join in on bass. Picked up a second hand bass and started to enjoy every moment of it.

3. Which artist inspired you?
I wont see you tonight (pt1) by Avenged sevenfold was the song which made me pick up music at the first place. But to say that was the only band/artist which inspired would be wrong. I’m inspired by a lot of different people and artists. Currently I am inspired by Air (a french ambient electronic band) as far as musicians are concerned.

4. Do you have a warm-up routine before going on stage?
Usually not. But if I feel a little nervous or underprepared. Then I try making sure that I remember my parts. That does include a little warm up.

5. What do you usually start with when working on a new piece?
If I am composing or trying to cover a song in my own way, then I first try to understand what that particular thought means to me. And then try to proceed with harmonies and choice of scales and more. However, if I have to play a song as it is. Then its fairly simple, I rely on mine and my fellow musician’s ears.

6. How often in a week do you practice? How do you practice?
I try to practice everyday for 4/5 hours at least. But I do not succeed always.
I try to decide beforehand, what things do I need to take care of. And tracking the progress for the same is what helps, along with the metronome

7. How long have you been playing?
Playing music since past 7 years. But bass probably for the last 4 years. Don’t really remember.

8. What projects are you currently part of?
Absolution is an alternative rock band where I get the freedom to experiment with my role as a bass player. It is great band with some great musicians onboard.
Then i am a part of Dwam Society which is an electronic ambient project which talks about life usually to which people can connect in different ways.
Swarantar is a fusion rock project in Delhi with whom I experience the life as a bass player before coming to TSM. That family is one set of great people with whom I have grown as a musician.
Solfege is another Delhi based project which is a folk rock band. More on the commercial angle.

9. Future plans?
I want to release the music that I have created with the above said bands. Right now I am focusing on Absolution. Next in line, is probably Dwam Society.

10. What brand do you prefer?
I wanna buy bongo 6 by ernie ball. I am impressed by soundblock pedals for certain effects which I would like to use in near future. Along with some more pedals.
I also want a fender four string bass and really want to explore slap and pop technique on it.

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