Frequently Asked Questions

Signing in

A:Logging in allows you to save your progress and grades, earn credits and participate in contests. If you change your device, all you need to do is download the app and login again to continue your learning.
A: You can login either using your Facebook or Google account, it is that simple.

Schools, TSM Audition & Contests

A: The Western and Indian schools use two separate curriculum tracks. One is based on contemporary Western music theory and vocal techniques, and uses popular English songs in each level. The second curriculum is based on Hindustani vocal techniques and music fundamentals, and uses Hindi (Bollywood) songs in each level.
A: Yes, you may change schools at any time.
A: Yes. And we encourage you to do so, so that you can learn two different styles of singing, and build a solid repertoire of songs in different styles that you could perform confidently any time.
A: TSM audition is your most convenient methods to submit your performance to to be considered for a scholarship to study at The True School of Music. All you need to do is choose any song from the list, perform it using the App, and submit.
A: You will receive an email from the admissions department if you qualify for a scholarship.
A: Once you login using Facebook or Google, you may participate in all active contests by following the on-screen instructions for each contest.
A: You may submit as many entries as you wish.
A: After your performance you can review your recording before hitting Submit. If you participated in a featured contest, you will receive an email with line-by-line review of your performance, and a link to listen back to your recording while reading the feedback.
A: No. You can take part in contests without enrolling in the schools.

Curriculum & Learning

A: Our expert faculty have devised a specialized digital curriculum consisting of 5 stage, each containing 3 grades, further divided into 4 levels per grade. The curriculum increments progressively with increasing difficulty across 60 levels. In each level, you will learn different musical concepts and relevant songs.
A:The core songs in each level are handpicked by TSM’s expert faculty, based on difficulty level. The popular songs are free for you to choose.
A: You can change your selected songs by swiping left if you are subscribed user. After you complete a level and confirm your grades, you are no longer able to change songs in that level.
A: The learn mode is a specially designed learning experience available exclusively to subscribed users. The learn mode teaches you a song, section by section. In this mode you will get audio-visual cues that will help you learn to sing the song in an interactive visual interface, by singing after the teacher’s voice.
A: No you cannot rewind a song section but you can pause or restart.
A: In the song test mode, you will not be given audio-visual cues and are expected to sing the full song in one go on your own. Once you are confident that you know the song, you can give the test.
A: Yes you may. However, in order to proceed to the next level you will still have to complete the Learn mode.
A: No. You will have to retry the song.
A: Yes, only if you perform using headphones. If you perform without headphones, the phone microphone picks up the backing-track, which might be louder than your voice.
A: Yes, you need to pass both songs in order to move forward.
A: Yes, you can increase or decrease the key of the song while singing.
A: If you find a song too difficult, and if you are a subscribed user, you can change the song by swiping left on the song.
A: Yes, you may do so until you confirm the grade for the level.
A: A recording of your performance will be sent to the Faculty for line-by-line review and advice on where you can improve.
A: A lesson is made up of multiple music learning sessions relevant to each level. These include vocal techniques, music theory, ear training and notation reading (Western school only).
A: There are video lessons for most lessons, followed by multiple choice quizzes that let your assess your knowledge of the concepts covered.
A: Technique exercises are a series of vocal exercises based on Wester/Hindustani music fundamentals that help improve your vocal abilities and singing proficiency.
A: Ear training is the process of practicing a series of drills that help you identify music notes, melodies and harmonic concepts by ear.
A: Sight reading is the ability to read written music notation, and sing it in realtime in the correct pitch and rhythm as seen in the written music score.
A: We highly recommend that you complete the lessons in the order shown in the App. However, you may choose to attempt any lesson in the order you wish.
A: Yes, you need to pass all lesson items in order to move forward. Every time you attempt a lesson item’s assessment, your current score will be displayed, and when you successfully complete all components of a lesson, your overall lesson grade will be displayed.
A: Once you successfully complete the songs and lessons in a level with a score above 50%, you will be able to proceed to the next level.
A: Yes, you get a certificate upon completing a level, which you can share. The next level gets unlocked when you complete the current level.
A: You can see your certificates for completed levels and grades by tapping on the relevant level or grade in the curriculum section.
A: Yes, you can share your certificates.

Subscription & Credits

A: No. You can continue to sing songs from a small set of songs and progress through levels without subscription. However, none of the premium features are accessible for unsubscripted users.
A: As a premium user, you will have access to the entire song catalogue, unlimited song change in each level, access to song and vocal technique learn mode, multiple song review by faculty, access to all lessons, and 5x credit rewards.
A: You can subscribe through in-app purchase method entered in Google Play or iTunes store. If you have a Promo Coupon you may enter it in the Redeem Coupon Section in the Overview tab within the My Profile section of the app.
A: Weekly, monthly and yearly subscription plans are available. The longer your subscription duration, the more savings you make. Please refer to the overview tab within the “my profile” section of the app to know more about current subscription offers.
A: No. Subscription to the app opens up all sections for you.
A: By policy, all payments made are non-refundable. If you believe that you made a payment in errors, please write an email to with your email id, date of payment and the amount. After a careful review of the case the refund may be processed.
A: You will earn credits every time you engage with the App in various ways. This include the time you spend practicing songs and techniques, scoring well in quizzes and tests, completing levels, grades and stages, etc. In addition to these, you will also stand to earn additional credits whenever surprise campaigns are held in the app (e.g. everyone who completes a song test in the next 24 hours will receive “x” bonus credits)
A: You can see your available credits within the My Profile section of the App.
A: You can use credits to redeem teacher review of your song performances. In future, we will introduce a number of other benefits linked to credits.

General App Usage

A: Yes, you need broadband Internet or mobile data connection to use the app.
A: No, you can’t do so due to copyright regulations.
A: No, you can’t do so due to copyright regulations.
A: You can use the App without headphones, however for accurate recording and analysis of your voice, headphones are a must.
A: If you accidentally exit the app, your last status will be saved. On re-opening the App It will open up to the curriculum page. You tap enter to return to where you last closed the app.