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Feature 1

Contemporary Catalogue

Students will be able to pick from a large catalog of contemporary and classic English and Hindi songs, which will be updated regularly.

Feature 1

Video tutorials and lesson explanations

Each lesson has a video explanation and a text description. There will be a test at the end of a level via a multiple choice question to ensure that the user has understood the concept(s).

Feature 1

Self-paced Learning

The user decides the curriculum by selecting songs of their choice.
The curriculum consists of:

  • Grades - Broad categorizations of proficiency for singers
  • Levels - Each grade consists of multiple levels
  • Songs - Each level consists of 2 songs that need to be learnt.
  • User-selected song - The user must pick a song of their choice for each level
  • Course-required song - The user must pick a course required song for each level
  • Song sections - Each song is split into multiple song sections
  • Lessons - Each level includes multiple exercises

Feature 1

Submit to TSM

At the end of performing a song the student has the option to submit their performance to TSM for feedback and to identify room for improvement.

Feature 1

Learn mode & test mode with real-time automated feedback

Learn to sing popular songs by breaking down the song into verses and chorus(es) and repeating sections after the teacher. Once you have mastered the song, you can perform the song in the test mode to see how well you have done.

Feature 1

Scale Change

Adjust the key of the song to suit your voice.

Feature 1


Earn a certificate for every level you complete and a TSM Certificate of Achievement for every Grade completed along with your score.

Feature 1


Engage in exciting contests curated to make your learning experience more interactive and fun!

The True School of Music

The True School of Music beats at the very heart of Mumbai’s thriving entertainment business. Its aim is to train the next generation of musicians, artistes, producers, sound engineers, composers and DJ’s to feed the increasing demand for music within India’s burgeoning music scene. There has never been a better time to be a musician in India and there has never been a school quite like True School to help you achieve your goals.

The True School of Music