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Konnakol Phrasing In Logic Pro by Viveick Rajagopalan

This short clip is a great example of how beneficial Viveick Rajagopalan’s Konnakol for Musicians course will be for everyone. Here he takes a phrase in 16 and breaks it down in different variations and the results will bring a smile to your face. Viveick’s course is not only for producers but also very useful for singers, rappers and instrumentalists.

Viveick is a musician and a composer – trained under the Carnatic tradition on the majestic percussive instruments of South India, mridangam and kanjira, Viveick uses his classical roots to compose music that moves between many styles. With his ability to blend the mridangam with various styles of music Viveick has collaborated with international musicians like Richard Bona on his album Ten Shades of Blue, Chinese Man on a track called Malad in Shikantaza, SHRI (UK) , Bugge Wesseltoft, Bauchklang to name a few. Very early in his career he joined “LUCKY ALI” in his band, and even worked with him on his album SIFAR.

More recently Viveick’s Ta Dhom Project, for the first time in the history of Indian Music, brings together Carnatic Classical Rhythms, Vocal percussion and street rap in the most unique manner; this project has travelled to prestigious festivals like WOMAD (UK), SHAMBALA (UK), OSLO MELA (NORWAY) in 2019, WOMEX 2018 Edition at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain Viveick’s track, India 91 in Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy, the track is an offshoot of the Ta Dhom Project and has caught the fancy of young dancers and hip hop artists across the country.

You can learn different methods of understanding rhythm using the traditional vocal percussion art form called Konnakol through Viveick’s unique approach. As music producers, you will be able to break down phrases and explore multiple rhythmic options through some of these ancient methods. Build your rhythmic arsenal and make your productions stand out by incorporating these techniques directly in your work! Click here for more info.

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