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Know How to Play the Greats


There are a lot of “greats” out there when it comes to music and regardless of what instrument you play, it’s important to know who they are and how to play their songs. If you’re a pianist, you may want to know about Mozart, and if you play the guitar, you may want to know about Jimi Hendrix.

Cover bands have been wildly popular for many reasons. Many of the “greats” are no longer performing in concert, though their sound is still highly desirable. If you have the opportunity to be in a cover band, it can be a great decision because it will teach you more about the instrument you want to play.

Knowing how to play the songs by some of the greatest musicians out there can help you to practice on the instrument. It can also be fun to cover a song during one of your own concerts, and there have been plenty of famous musicians who have done exactly this. It’s a fun way to interact with the crowd.

Matt Nathanson recently covered “Little Red Corvette” by Prince and Foo Fighters covered “Tom Sawyer” by Rush. It helped them to become viral sensations as people thought it was exciting that one of their favorite current bands had covered a past favorite of theirs.

Even some of the greats were known for covering other greats. Jimi Hendrix covered Bob Dylan, Sinead O’ Connor covered Prince, and Willie Nelson covered Coldplay.

The instrument you play is going to impact the songs you may want to know and the covers you may wish to do.

Some of the greatest piano solos in modern music include:


–            “Clocks” by Coldplay


–            “Fallin” by Alicia Keys


–            “All of You” by John Legend


If you’re on the drums, then you will want to learn:


–            “YYZ” by Rush


–            “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins


–            “Aja” by Steely Dan


Similarly, if you are a guitarist, then you should know:


–            “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin


–            “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Eric Clapton


–            “Europa” by Carlos Santana


There are plenty of songs for you to choose from – and if you decide to cover one of them, choose one that is popular. This will get the crowd singing along – and it can help to gain a following.

It may take a while to master these songs, but it can help you with mastering your craft. Music classes are going to teach you not only the basics of how to work with an instrument, but to have respect for the musicians who have come before you. One of the best ways to pay respect to an artist is to cover them – and do so in a way that truly honors what they have done.

This means you have to decide what songs you want to teach yourself. As you learn one, you may be motivated to learn another. It may end up going so well that it can be added to an album that you eventually release.

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