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How to Use Influencers to Promote Your Music


You need to promote your music in order to develop a following. It’s not always easy to promote your own music. Everyone assumes that you are going to say that your music is “the best” because you are responsible for creating it. What carries more weight with your audience is what other people have to say about your music.

Influencers are out there – and by selecting the right ones for your genre and target demographic, it is possible for them to do a lot of the music promotion on your behalf. You have the ability to tap into their audiences in order to share music.

Choosing the right influencers is all about doing market research and knowing more about who listens to your music. You may even want to ask the question in social media. Find out who your listeners follow on Twitter and what their favorite blogs are. These can give you a great starting point to determine who will be the best ones to influence their audiences about music that you create.

Establish a list of five or ten influential people who you want to share your music with. You can offer them an album, free downloads, and even the chance to share one of your newest songs with their audience before you release it to everyone. Ultimately, you want to make them feel special and that you are doing something unique for them.

Even before you have music to release, you can begin working with different influencers. This will allow you to develop a long-lasting working relationship. Once you do have music to share, you will already know who they are and they will already know you. This can make all the difference in the world when you ask them to share music with their audience.

Influencers know that they are influential, and therefore they are not going to recommend just any brand. They want to make sure that the brand is suitable for their audience and that it fits with everything else that they are promoting and generally talking about. In this case, the band is your music.

Whenever you reach out to someone who is influential, you want to make it personal. If you send out a generic email to five or ten people, they are going to know that it is a form email, and they are not going to be impressed. It’s better to pay compliments to everyone individually and tell them what you like about their blog. Identify with their audience, and let them know why you feel they would be a great ambassador for your music.

By making everything a little more personal, it’s going to be easier to capture their interest and ensure that they are more likely to agree to promote your music. As soon as their audience hears about your music, there are going to be more interested in listening – and this can have a dramatic impact on the number of listeners that you have.

Once you have several influencers who will promote your music, you can rely on these people again and again. They may also turn to you in order to receive help, especially as you start to grow and develop a larger audience.

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