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Guitar Hero Live Launches with an Interactive Music Channel


Guitar Hero is a video game franchise that has spanned across the globe and has brought in more than $2 billion worth of sales for the publisher. Many people have learned how to play the guitar or have fallen in love with the idea of playing the guitar as a result of this game.

The only reason that the publisher chose to pull the plug, which took place after seven years, was because players got tired of repeating the same music and within the same music genre. Activision, the publisher of the game, recently announced that there would be a comeback, known as Guitar Hero Live.

The main question that people have been asking is whether it is going to be any different than it was five years ago. People want more music.

FreeStyle Games are the developers responsible for building Guitar Hero Live. There are a variety of tracks being licensed from major labels, resulting in crowd-pleasing artists who will be featured, including Pantera, Rolling Stones, Ed Sheerin, Bruno Mars, Fall Out Boy, and many others. This is going to allow more people to play the games that they love, and practice in a more exciting way.

The total number of tracks is currently at 75, and Activision is promising to announce more songs all the way through the game’s release date, which is currently set for October 20.

Getting the music is the easy part. The harder part is providing gameplay that is continuously fresh. This is where FreeStyle Games is looking to make a difference. They are releasing a channel called Guitar Hero TV.

The TV channel is going to work in a very unique way. It will launch with two channels, which are programmed with music videos, similar to the days of MTV when they used to play music videos. Players will be able to go on to the channel and start playing with whatever song is playing at the time. Activision is identifying it as the “first playable music network” in the world.

Some of the tracks will feature the same music video that is officially released by the artist. Others will be original recordings that are filmed from the perspective of the guitarist, providing a first-person experience. As a person plays, the camera will move around the virtual stage. For those who perform poorly, footage will be provided of fictional bandmates who are giving the guitarist the “stink eye”.

The “live” audience will either be cheering or jeering based upon performance. This can help players to understand just how well they are performing and give them motivation to learn to do better.

Guitar Hero Live is going to be a very unique form of the game and should never be confused with previous versions of the game. It’s going to help people fall in love with playing the guitar all over again and can be a fun practice session for existing musicians.

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