Ujjayinee Roy

Known for her versatility in various forms of performing arts, Ujjayinee Roy is a singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, columnist and poet. She has been the voice behind numerous songs in mainstream Indian music and sung in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telegu and Assamese films and has worked with various Indian music directors like A R Rahman, […]

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Shashank Vishwakarma

Shashank Vishwakarma is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter and guitarist from Lucknow.He began singing at the age of 5, thereby guiding his priorities in school where he found a sense of “familiarity and peace” in chapel services. His own performances, projects and arrangements have often received awards at both District and National levels. After completing his […]

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Ashutosh Phatak

Ashu, as he is better known, is an award-winning multi-instrumental music composer and producer, who has released over 15 contemporary music albums in the past two decades. He is one of the most sought-after composers in advertising and films, having composed music for over 3,000 television commercials and the soundtracks for 10 feature films. He […]

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Zain Calcuttawala

Zain began his career as an artist manager working closely with artists like ‘Megadeth,’ ‘Imogen Heap,’ ‘T-Pain’ and many others. Now freelancing as a music producer, Zain composes his own music under the stage name, ‘Bulli Bainbridge,’ plus he produces and engineers independent musicians such as ‘Short Round,’ ‘Spud In The Box,’ ‘Raghav Meattle’ and […]

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