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Find Peace When Practicing Your Instrument


You have likely heard the stories before. People become frustrated with musicians in training because they are practicing all the time. You have become that person. You need to practice, whether it’s the piano, the violin, the drums, or some other instrument. Finding a peaceful place to play can be beneficial to you on many levels.

When you practice your music, you want to be in the right frame of mind. If you have people banging on your door telling you to keep it down, it’s going to be hard to concentrate. It’s not peaceful. It can actually be very stressful. You don’t want to upset your neighbors, and you want to maximize the benefits that come from practicing on a regular basis.

If you know that neighbors are home and can hear when you practice, be respectful of that. Go elsewhere. Go where they cannot interrupt your practice sessions. Go where you can find peace and be at one with your instrument.

The peaceful place may be anywhere – a classroom where your teacher has said you can go when there is no class being held, or even a quiet place in the park where there is no one around. There are no rules to say where you can practice, indoors or outdoors.

If you practice with an instrument that cannot be easily moved, then think about when the best time to practice is for you to get the peace and quiet that you need. It’s not always the “where” that you have to consider. Find out when your neighbors go to work and that’s when you may want to sit down with your instrument to practice. Put on some headphones to tune out the rest of the world, and just be one with your instrument.

Whether you practice for an hour a day or longer, you have to make sure you make the most of your practice time. Have all of what you need within an arm’s reach so you don’t have to keep getting up. Make yourself comfortable with a good cushion on your back. Slip off your shoes. Close your eyes for a few moments before you pick up your instrument and listen to your surroundings. As long as you don’t hear any potential interruptions, proceed with your practice session.

If you are going to become a good musician, it is going to take a lot of practice. You need to know the rules of the instrument and you need to have time to push yourself to new levels so you can be more than just a good musician. Career musicians have something new to offer the world of music and you can be one of them – but first you have to figure out how to practice in peace. It may take a while, but if you know what to look for in a practice session and are mindful of when you practice, it can be achieved.


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