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Kids & Junior Faculty

Our highly experienced team of Indian and international faculty bring a global perspective and influence to the learning experience at True School. Faculty members are encouraged to maintain a good balance between professional practice, academia and mentorship, which equips them to craft unique pedagogical approaches that nurture creativity, innovation and enterprise in learners.

Vatsal Bakhda
[ Keyboard]

Classically trained pianist, studied under Roshen Gazder, LRSM for over 10 years,  and Suddhaseel Sen (Ph.D. in Musicology) for 2 years. Studied under Pedro  Carneiro Silva and Gabriel Geszti at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, and placed first in academics in all three semesters of study. Is currently working with  Bangalore based pianist and composer, Aman Mahajan. Has been playing various styles such as Jazz, Funk, Latin, Brazilian, RnB/Soul, Pop,  Fusion, Blues, which also was a means to becoming a regular performing and a versatile pianist. Is also part of a number of projects, such as Submarine in Space, Toto Tribute Band  and Soliluquy to name a few. Has also had the opportunity to work with musicians across the world and play in festivals such as the NH7 Weekender and Magnetic  Fields to name a few. Is currently working on an album with Submarine in Space, and Soliluquy, his Piano trio. He was a standing teacher at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music and has been a part of  Theme Music Institute for over three years.

Mallika Barot
[ Western Vocals]

Mallika Barot is a vocalist based in Bombay. Born and brought up in a musical family, with her father, Ranjit Barot, and her grandmother Sitara Devi, her exposure to music from around the world began at an early age. After high-school, Mallika studied vocals at The True School of Music. She then began teaching vocals at The True School and was the full-time vocal faculty there for three years. Simultaneously, Mallika has also been pursuing live performance and has done so at several venues and music festivals across Bombay and India. She is currently a part of an electronic band called Superphonic along with her father Ranjit Barot and keyboardist Gulraj Singh, a backing vocalist in AR Rahman's band, as well as a member of the indie-alternative band The Koniac Net.

Dhir Mody
[ Drums]

Dhir Mody is a drummer/producer/educator based out of Mumbai. He discovered a strong affinity toward percussion and sound while attending regular community drum circles curated by Varun Venkit; this inspired him to learn Djembe and traditional West African Music with Varun. Consequently being exposed to a whole new world of sound and percussion, he began collaborating with various artists; creating soundscapes and rhythms for dancers, theatre, and puppetry groups in live settings. Seeking to satisfy a strong urge to explore the drum set, he went on to study at the True School of Music in Mumbai. With R&B, Funk, and Soul music being his main inspirations, he formed a band with the faculty members of True School, and soon enough was playing R&B, Hip-Hop, and Jazz music at various venues across the city. An excellent performer in both live and studio settings, Dhir has been playing and collaborating with various artists of different genres ranging from Funk, Jazz, and Rock to Pop to Electronic music. He has been extremely active in the independent scene, touring and performing with popular acts like Drum Ani Bass, Sandunes Live, Ape Echoes, Azamaan, Hipnotribe, Tribalflora, Taal inc. Rhythm Ensemble, Brighu Sahni, Zoya Mohan, Randolph Correia, Madfingers Duo, Ron Cha Trio, Lydia Hendrikdje, Stitch in Nine, Adil Manuel Collective, Sharvi Yadav, Suman Sridar, and the Black Mamba, Isheeta Chakravarty, and many more. Being a superbly versatile drummer, Dhir has also played sessions with eminent Bollywood artistes such as Kailash Kher, Clinton Cerejo, Suman Sridhar, and Ayushmann Khurana. Currently, his musical style is headed in a new direction inspired by electronic beats/sounds. His new duo outfit Drum ani Bass with Nathan Thomas is set to release their first album soon. Dhir endorses Zildjian cymbals.

Pritesh Visave
[ Guitar]

Born and brought up in Alibaug, Pritesh found his passion for music during his CA  course which led him to quit CA and pursue his career as a musician. He learned guitar under the tutelage of Mr. Abhishek Shah in his initial years and is currently learning jazz guitar with Sanjay Divecha. He has completed the Trinity Rock and  Pop Grade 8 Exam in 4 years. Pritesh has worked in FSM for more than 4 years where he started as a student.  His love, dedication, and passion for music and music education helped him work his way up in a short period to become the Academic Guitar Coach PAN India.  During this period, he taught more than 170 students in schools and centers and trained over 70 teachers in classroom teaching techniques, lesson planning, and pedagogy, and conducting musical recitals across schools. Though a fan of all kinds of music, his major influences have been instrumentalists like Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani, Plini, Tosin Abasi, and a lot more. He is mainly into  instrumental solo guitar. Currently, he is learning Indian Classical flute under the tutelage of Suchismita Chatterjee from the famous flute sisters. Pritesh is a state and national level badminton player who learned the sport under the guidance of Leroy D’Sa. On a personal level, Pritesh has many interests, he is spiritual who meditates, a  nature lover, adventurer & traveler and he loves beaches.

Abhinav Lama
[ Ensembles]

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Abhinav (better known as ‘Bobo), picked up the guitar at the age of 4. His parents, though not trained musicians, were always inclined towards music. His mother loved to sing and his father would often accompany her. His father always played a lot of rock music from the 60s, 70s & the 80s, which inspired him to pick up the guitar. He started taking proper lessons at the age of 6 and has been learning ever since. He had decided at a very young age that music was what he wanted to pursue and never looked back. After high school, he came to Mumbai (2014) to enrol himself at the True School and studied guitar and music production for 6 months, after which, he moved to Malaysia to study Audio Engineering and Sound Design at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. After his stay in Malaysia, he spent a year in Nepal, organizing a series of fundraising concerts for a number of foundations providing aid for the victims of the 2015 earthquake. Upon his return to Mumbai, he completed the Guitar Performer course at TSM. He studied under great teachers like Eivind Lødemel, Sean Richey, Pawan Benjamin, Luca Petracca, Anthony Cammarota and Juan Ortiz. After finishing his course at the True School, Abhinav joined the school as a pro ensembles faculty for the Pro Junior and Kids programs.

Coral Fernandes
[ Keyboard]

Originally from Goa and brought up in Qatar, Coral Juliana Fernandes is a Pianist and Vocalist. She started playing the Piano at the age of 6 and then her love for singing led her to eventually train in the art of Vocal techniques. Being a creative person by nature, she went on to study Dress Design and Garment Manufacturing, which led her to work as a Fashion Stylist professionally, she interned for Harper`s Bazaar Magazine, India and then worked on multiple shoots as an assistant stylist. Some of her work includes Celebrity styling for Shraddha Kapoor, Editorial styling for Maxim magazine, Stuff magazine, The Man magazine, etc. She has also worked on Print ads for Tanishq Mia, Gillette, and other Ad films. All along, Coral sensed another calling that guided her back towards something more fulfilling. Music. Ever since then, Coral has found a new passion and has been teaching the Piano for over 5 years and assisting in Vocals for the past 3. She has also been a backing vocalist for the Mumbai based Songstress Samantha Noella and has performed at multiple live venues like the National Centre of Performing Arts, Veranda, The Stables etc. In the education field, she is currently pursuing her ATCL in instrumental teaching and is looking forward to creating and being a part of much more music in the future.

Shashank Vishwakarma
[ Theory]

Shashank Vishwakarma is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter and guitarist from Lucknow.He began singing at the age of 5, thereby guiding his priorities in school where he found a sense of “familiarity and peace” in chapel services. His own performances, projects and arrangements have often received awards at both District and National levels. After completing his degree in Engineering in Electronics and Communication, he joined the Swarnabhoomi Academy Of Music in Chennai to forward his Musical education and training. During his time at Swarnabhoomi he studied contemporary western music theory, composition and arrangement, jazz guitar and konnakol under distinguished faculty members Pedro Carneiro Silva, Sid Jacobs, Esther Rojas, Karina Colis, Dr. S Ghatam Kartik and Umayalapuram Mali. Since shifting to Mumbai in 2018, he has been teaching at The Soundmonk School Of Music after completing his Grade 8 for Guitar from Trinity School Of Rock & Pop. He is currently in the process of recording an EP of original compositions with his Contemporary Indie Folk Rock band, Rejected Cartoons. The EP is expected to be released by June, 2020.

Gouri Ranjit
[ Western Vocals]

Gouri is a singer-songwriter-pianist from Kerala. A vocal major from Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, she has been part of and lent harmonies to bands like Run Pussy Run, Voctronica, Parekh and Singh, Madboy Mink and Aditi Ramesh Quartet among others. She is currently one half of soul-pop duo ‘Gouri and Aksha’. Earlier this year, they opened for Damien Rice at Sofar Bombay, released their debut single and completed their first tour in Japan. She turned part actor when she made her theatrical debut at the Aadyam Theatre Festival with Motley’s Production of “The Threepenny Opera” and later with Disney’s Aladdin – The Musical.

Anand Masrani
[ Bass]

Anand, 26 is a Mumbai based musician and has actively been in the city's performing space since the last 7 years. Before finishing his civil engineering in 2017, Anand performed extensively at local college competitions with his very first band and since then, he's toured and performed with several other bands across India at high-profile venues like The Humming Tree in Bangalore, IIT Delhi, The Quarter in Mumbai and the Orange Festival in Arunachal Pradesh. Along with doing live shows, Anand has also been a session bass player for multiple artists. He’s currently an active member of 4 different independent bands. He credits his early desire to learn the bass to the legendary music of bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. While bands from the Indian independent scene like Blackstratblues, Indus Creed and Soulmate remain his local idols. Under the amazing tutelage of Marios Menelaou, he’s recently completed his 3 years, Pro Course in bass at The True School of Music in Mumbai and continues to be a teacher at the same facility.

Derrick Johnson
[ Keyboard]

Derrick Johnson is a 29-year-old pianist from the outskirts of Mumbai. His musical journey began by playing the keyboards in Churches since 2005, where he learnt to play hymns by ear. He went on to get classically trained in Piano under the guidance of Clifton Rodricks from Mumbai. After completing his graduation in business administration (BBA), he worked as an HR for a recruiting firm for a year. But since music was the innate calling, he quit that job to pursue music as a career. Eventually, he started working with music schools as a piano instructor since early 2014, where he taught classical as well as pop piano. In November 2015, he completed his Grade 8 in Pop Music Theory from London College of Music through self-study. In February 2017 he completed his Advanced Recital Certificate from Trinity College London with Distinction under the guidance of Roxana Anklesaria, an established pedagogue and member of MTNA. He's a proud teacher to several distinction holders of music exams over the years. He's currently also pursuing LTCL Diploma in Piano performance and wishes to continue the journey of learning and teaching quality music.

Utkarsh Amarpuri
[ Electronic Music Performance]

Utkarsh is a 25-year-old music producer based in Mumbai. He began his journey as a Sound Engineer in 2011, only to realise that his true passion lies in making music. That’s when he decided to pursue his education at The True School Of Music. Since then Utkarsh has been producing and composing for various projects which mainly include Advertisements, Background scores, Arranging and Producing music for independent artists, and so on. Apart from this, he is also a member of an electronic act, Equal Two, who have been performing original music for the last 2 years. In January 2018, they released their debut EP “ANTIDOTE” which is available on all major streaming platforms. Combining an unmatched passion for music with his natural talent, Utkarsh Amarpuri is pursuing his dream of being an influential music professional.

Veer Karer
[ Drums]

Veer, a drummer and educator, from Mumbai, has been playing live shows for 4 years. Having studied drum performance at the True School of Music, he has a keen interest in playing various styles of music - jazz, latin, funk, electronic music, etc. Veer has played at several venues like the NCPA and the Quarter, to name a few, as well as sessions for various acts in the live scene.

Sounak Saha
[ Guitar]

Born in Calcutta, India in 1991, Sounak started playing the guitar at the age of 15-16. While he was studying classical guitar, he also got inspired by contemporary rock guitar playing and started teaching himself the electric guitar with the help of YouTube/whatever source was available.

He wanted to take up music as a profession and realized the importance of music theory very early and decided to join London Centre of Creative Media in London to pursue a Bachelor degree in Music Performance. Moved to London at the age of 19 (2011) to pursue music education and acquired Bachelors of Music (Hons) in Performance under Middlesex University with an overall 2.1 score During his years in London, he studied performance/composition/arranging/production under great teachers such as Blake Wilner, Ed Speight, Tommy Emmerton, Simon Wallace, Dave O’ Higgins, Geoff Gascoyne and lots more. He also performed with various artists across multiple well-known venues, which include O2 Academy, Proud Camden, Cargo, Charlie Wright’s, Floripa, Rhythm Factory, Surya London, and various others. This gave him a lot of experience in playing in multiple situations across various genres, which includes jazz, jazz fusion, blues, rock, R&B, neo-soul, soul, funk, etc.)   Since his graduation, he has worked with Furtados School of Music as a Senior Guitar Teacher and Lead Teacher (June 2015 – June 2017) and has been conducting workshops for students and performing in India with various artists.  Now he is working at True School of Music as a guitar teacher and course developer (July 2017 – present).

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