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True School of Music Has Partnered with Vijaybhoomi University


We’re proud to announce that we are shifting our school to Vijaybhoomi University, India’s first liberal professional university, to offer our highly acclaimed professional courses as music degrees in a 55-acre eco-friendly campus at Karjat.
Some of the highlights of this new step are as follows:


All our Pro students will now receive degrees at the end of their programme.

  • B.Mus Music Production
  • B.Mus Contemporary Performance 
  • B.Sc Sound Engineering & Production
  • B.Mus Hindustani Playback Vocals

Students can also choose from the following along with music to customise a degree programme.

  • Business
  • Design
  • Data Science
  • Law
  • Arts & Humanities


Research proves that playing/exercising outdoors benefits academic progress. Keeping this in mind the students will have access to:

  • Semi Olympic swimming pool
  • Indoor basketball badminton, tennis, and squash courts
  • Football field
  • State-of-the-art gym
  • Treks


The campus is spread across a 55-acre space and therefore students have access to the following facilities:

  • Library
  • Computer and Data Centres
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Outdoor amphitheatre
  • Recording Studio Complex
  • 250 seater Auditorium
  • Performance & Practice spaces


Students will have the option to live on-campus (highly recommended) and also get accommodation close to the facility. The living expenses are a fraction of the cost that they would pay living in Mumbai.


Open spaces and a bigger campus allow for all students to be in the same place while following social distancing norms and Covid-safe practices. The facility is located on the outskirts of congested Mumbai. There are also provisions for isolation and quarantine. This move, away from the crowded city of Mumbai, could not have come at a better time, considering the on-going pandemic and the high safety standards that we’d like to adhere to for all our students, from all over the country. We have created a space for you that’s special, professional, vibrant, eco-friendly, conducive to learning and personal growth, and above all, safe!


“This is definitely a momentous event not only for True School and Vijaybhoomi, it also signals a shift in the education industry which Is now being led by a progressive New Education Policy which opens a new way of learning to young learners. True School is excited to partner with a university who is so aligned to our vision and we are excited yet again, to be ahead of the change.” Nitin Chandy, Co-Founder, the True School of Music.

“The True School of Music has evolved, updated and upgraded. We’re proud to announce our partnership with Vijaybhoomi University in Karjat, MMR. This partnership adds a completely new holistic dimension to our already amazing programme. Students will now have an opportunity to enhance their learning by possibly incorporating subjects from 5 additional schools along with their music education. I also love that we now will have full-fledged sporting facilities from swimming to football to squash right on campus. This decision is a result of our commitment to offer our students the best and safest holistic educational environment possible, considering the on-going pandemic and the high safety standards that we’d like to adhere to for all our students, from all over the country as well as internationally. The icing on the cake is that with our new partnership with Vijaybhoomi University, our students will have the option to convert their professional courses into degree programmes.” Ashutosh Phatak, Co-Founder, The True School of Music.

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Ricky Reji

Really looking forward!!!!


How can i join here


You can click on the enquire now button on the top left of the page and fill the form and our academic advisors will contact you asap. 🙂


Superbbb So excited To Learn, Grow And Have Fun On the New Campus

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