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Ensemble Performances In A Pandemic

There is no question that the pandemic and the lockdown has taken a mental and physical toll on artists. It has also provided an opportunity for them to come up with innovative ways to keep those creative juices flowing.

Pre-pandemic, the True School Pro Night was a special event that the entire school, especially the students looked forward to. The students spent the 3 months of the term working with their peers and creating original material that they would present to the entire school during the pro night. The Auditorium used to be packed and the energy of the school that night would be something that would be difficult to put in words. As faculty members/ the staff, we would be filled with a sense of pride seeing our students perform. Its a special kind of joy seeing an artist grow in front of you.

The pandemic took this experience from us, however, it did not stop our students from being creative. Obstacles breed innovation and a new type of Pro Night evolved in this phase.

As with most things during this phase, a transformation of the offline to online took place. The Auditorium was the shared screen on our zoom session, the interaction with peers was the chat room and the applause was the zoom reactions. We also managed to do a live performance for one of the songs that did not have a video. We realize that it’s not the same – human interaction cannot be replaced by the virtual world but its what we have right now and we truly cherish and thank technology for aiding us.

Here are some notable ensemble performances of the last term:

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