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Deconstructing Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue

Music Works Advanced Clinic and Appreciation Workshop

Deconstructing Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue

Long-regarded as the single-greatest jazz album of all time, Miles Davis’ 1959 classic Kind of Blue is chockfull of what have since become jazz standards. From “Freddie Freeloader” to “Blue in Green” to “All Blues”, these tunes are representative of the great tradition of jazz.

The Music Works Advanced Clinic, on October 4 and October 5, will see the True School faculty break down this landmark album by the instruments and offer indepth analysis on the technical aspects of the music that makes Kind of Blue the memorable record that it is. Participants will also be given exercises to work on overnight and present onstage on the second day of the clinic.

The Music Works Appreciation Workshop on October 5, will help music enthusiasts understand what endears Kind of Blue to them. The True School faculty will analyse the record from a listener’s point of view, with a little help from the participants of the Advanced Clinic.

Date and time:
Day 1 – 4th October (open to Pro musicians) 5.30pm – 7pm
Day 2 – 5th October (open to all) 5.30pm – 7pm

INR 1000/- for 2 Days
INR 300/- Day 2 only

Students get a discount of 20%, upon furnishing a valid school or college ID
TSM students get a discount of 50%

Venue: The True School of Music Auditorium

Limited Slots Available
To reserve please e-mail with “Deconstructing Kind of Blue” in the subject line, with your name and contact details in the body.

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