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This level focuses on the development of arranging skills in different musical styles, professional recording studio operations, advanced use of music notation software, mixing skills and electronic music production. You will further expand your proficiency in keyboards/piano playing and develop a comprehensive understanding of advanced contemporary harmony. Through collaborative work and peer assessments, you will develop critical and analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Students entering at level 2 will need to have either completed successfully level 1 or have developed a portfolio of work and experience that can be assessed at level 2 skills.


10 hours of advance booking available per week for individual practice and projects.

Unlimited spot bookings available for individual practice and projects on first come first serve basis.

Access to studio facility for recording projects.

Access to auditorium for performances projects and shows.


Bookings are made available subject to project brief, class schedule and availability.

Student has to pass all terms for successful completion of the course.

Attendance percentage lower than 75% disqualifies the student from the current module.

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