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Collaboration Reigns Supreme in the Music Industry


It’s common for those within the music industry to collaborate. Two heads are better than one in many instances. Throughout the past several years, some of the best songs are as a result of artists putting their differences aside and collaborating on a sound. There are many benefits to music collaboration.

Psy, the Korean singer famous for “Gangnam Style” partnered with Snoop Dogg to create “Hangover”. This was Psy’s first time collaborating with an American artist and the Korean-English track has done very well.

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj collaborated on a song as well, entitled “Flawless”. What’s unique about this collaboration is that they are both American pop artists. Their collaboration allowed them to tap into each other’s audiences to increase the number of listeners, and potentially gain more for their own personal fan base.

Ed Sheeran and Pharell Williams created ”Sing”. They were both responsible for penning the song, and it was then produced by Williams. Both of these starts have been known for collaborating with various artists to add something unique to their music. They are both rumored to be very easy to get along with, and they are smart enough to know to reach out to another musician when they are looking for something a little different.

The song “Uptown Funk” has been topping the charts, and it, too, is a collaboration between Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. It was written and produced by Ronson and vocals were provided by Mars. Mars has been known to provide his vocals for many other artists as well, including Eminem in the hit song “Lighters”.

There are plenty of other examples where music artists are collaborating with each other. It’s common to see and is responsible for some of the top songs hitting the charts at the moment. One of them may write, the other one may sing, and yet another one may produce it. Many of the artists are able to stand on their own alone and choose to collaborate because they don’t let egos get in the way.

The collaboration allows for new ideas and new sounds to enter the music industry. David Guetta is another one who regularly collaborates with musicians. He loves music and therefore is always reaching out to other musicians to see how they can blend their styles in order to get something new to share with the fans.

As you continue through music school and after graduation, it’s a good idea to see how you can collaborate as a way of launching your music career and always adding fresh content. You may have ideas but cannot execute them on your own. This is when you find someone who can help you execute, and the two of you collaborate on a project. Music is meant to be shared, not meant to be kept to yourself. If it takes another artist to help you, take the chance as it can have a positive pay out for the both of you.

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