The Show Must Go On.

A lot is being written today about the future of legendary hard rock band AC/DC. The last two years have…Continue Reading

Stage Against The Machine

Twitter, the Internet’s swiftest medium for instant judgments, was working over-time when music sensation Beyoncé got on stage at the…Continue Reading

5 Benefits You Can Take Advantage of with Music School

When you are in music, you already know about some of the benefits. Musical training can develop your language and…Continue Reading

One of the Hottest Trends: Musical Comebacks

Bands will come and go. Those that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s had their spotlight. Some of them…Continue Reading

BRAND NEW VIDEO SERIES:- Live From The Auditorium: Indus Creed & TSM Students – Fireflies

  Today we announce the beginning of a brand new video series called Live From The Auditorium. We have been…Continue Reading

The Importance of Collaboration

You hear about musicians collaborating with other musicians all the time. When you have attended a music school and understand…Continue Reading

The Joys of Taking Music on the Road

Learning to play an instrument well allows you to develop a sense of confidence. This confidence can be taken on the road…Continue Reading

5 Careers From A Music Education

If music is your passion, then it’s important you study music in a professional environment. Many people may try to…Continue Reading

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