The Importance of a Muse for Creating Music

When you decide to create music, a muse needs to be considered. Having one may be more important than you…Continue Reading

Know How to Play the Greats

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Famous Musicians Who Went to College

Many musicians say they don’t need to go to school. They don’t have the desire to go to college or…Continue Reading

A Tribute to BB King

This year, the world of music lost a singer songwriter who was born Riley B. King. Most people know him…Continue Reading

The Importance of Finding Music Inspiration

All of the greatest musicians have their inspiration. During interviews, you hear guitarists talking about Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix….Continue Reading

In Conversation with Shankar Mahadevan at The True School of Music

    Back in March this year, we hosted a week full of masterclasses, workshops & interactive sessions – Music…Continue Reading

The True School of Music Performances at The Mahindra Blues Festival 2015

  Earlier this year, some of the best talent amongst our students & teachers at The True School of Music,…Continue Reading

Eric Clapton: His Musical Influences and the Influence on Your Music

Eric Clapton has had a long and successful music career. He was a member of Cream in the 1960s and…Continue Reading

Inspirational Musicians Who Overcame the Odds

There are a lot of inspirational musicians who beat the odds and became big hits. Many people have taken inspiration…Continue Reading

Musical Icon: Jimi Hendrix

There are thousands of guitarists from around the world who claim Jimi Hendrix is the one who got them into…Continue Reading

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