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BRAND NEW VIDEO SERIES:- Live From The Auditorium: Indus Creed & TSM Students – Fireflies


Today we announce the beginning of a brand new video series called Live From The Auditorium. We have been hosting some of the best musicians from all around the world, who have conducted music workshops, masterclasses & performances in front of various audiences, at our campus auditorium in Mumbai. This video series focuses on highlighting some of the best guest performances that we have had so far.


On February 22nd 2015, The True School of Music hosted a day long multi activity seminar called Music Works. On this day some of India’s best music industry professionals shared their knowledge with aspirants in the field of music & sound through various.  Out of the many workshops held through the day, there were two special workshops on music production & business conducted by the trailblazers on contemporary Indian rock music – Uday Benegal & Zubin Balaporia – from the legendary rock group Indus Creed.


The main highlight of the day were the guest performances at the end. Even after a whole day of hectic workshops & answering queries, it was sweet to see Uday & Zubin perform some of their songs for us, along with their guitarist – Mahesh Tinaikar. To fill in their accompaniments some of our students stepped up to complete the band. Watch Mallika Barot on backing vocals, Adil Kurwa on bass & Dhir Mody on drums, along with Indus Creed; performing Fireflies – from their last album, Evolve.



This video was shot & edited by our in-house video department – Kaval Chaudhari & Ritesh Chheda. The audio was mixed by one of our sound engineering students – Drona Acharya – and produced by The True School of Music’s online content editor & curator – Reji Ravindran. Watch out for more videos in this series on our Youtube channel.

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