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Are Musicians Really Smarter?


Some of the most intelligent people in the world also play an instrument. Doctors are often known to play the piano or some other instrument as a way of keeping their fingers nimble, but there is also another reason for it. It’s very possible that musicians may actually be smarter.

Or is that playing music can make you smarter?

There has been a lot of research in recent years to show a correlation between music education and grades. Those who are regularly enrolled in music classes are often the same ones who get higher test scores, especially science and math.

This has nothing to do with the socio-economic status of the student. It’s all about how the lessons are broken down and how a student can learn to not only read music, but focus on the creativity of creating pieces that express emotions.

Many schools have started requiring music lessons as part of the curriculum because of what it teaches. Students are often more focused and have the ability to spend longer amounts of time studying in order to make sure they have fully grasped the concepts. Those who study music are taught to challenge ideas and be open to fresh, new ideas. This provides the opportunity for more emotional and intellectual growth.

Music also provides another line of thinking. When students are taught to read music, they are thinking with a different part of their brain. It is almost as if they are bilingual because it’s another language, yet it doesn’t involve traditional letters. Music is a separate language and form of communication. By learning this, especially at a younger age, it helps to strengthen the brain and allow people to approach ideas in a new way.

All of this can translate to being better apt for science and math equations, foreign languages, and even comprehension within literature. Test scores are often higher with students who study music as opposed to those who do not and it all links to the creativity, as well as the way they use their brain in order to learn how to play music.

It’s hard to deny all of the benefits that you can obtain from studying music.

Studying music and learning how to play an instrument can help to develop confidence and self-esteem and promote intellectual curiosity, even if it doesn’t lead to becoming a genius. Studying music is proven to be a positive experience that will help you in life.

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