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The True School of Music

Ashutosh Phatak,

Nitin Chandy

Nitin Chandy,

Hi, I’m Nitin Chandy and I’m the Co-Founder of the True School of Music along with my partner Ashutosh Phatak. Like Ashu, I too initially followed a traditional education path till I no longer felt satisfied in pursuing the tried and tested. At the age of 26, I decided to break paths and do my diploma in Audio Engineering at SAE and moved to Mumbai in search of a musical career in 2002. There has been no looking back since then.

We started the True School of Music because we felt the time was right. Having spent almost 15 years in the music Industry experiencing the studio and the live side of the business, we were fortunate to see the rapid growth in the music industry. Back in 2002, there was literally just 15 to 20 satellite channels and a few 100 radio stations. But that landscape was steadily increasing right up to today, where we are few 100 satellite channels and a few 1000 radio channels, not to mention the birth and explosion of the whole digital music and film mediums. Music is now in almost everything we consume. The growth of the industry was at a much higher rate than the talent, that was available to service it. A good problem to have in a country where there is now a saturation in the job market when it comes to traditional skills and jobs.

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True School’s core purpose is to educate musicians, music producers, sound engineers, DJ’s, music teachers and music business professionals to make music their long term sustainable career, and to empower them to bring positive change, innovation and global competitiveness to the Indian music industry

True School has a unique educational philosophy, to equip learners to achieve their personal aspirations while maintaining a clear and in depth awareness of the professional industry and the opportunities it presents. We place the student at the very centre of our universe and ask “how can we get you to where you want to be?”. This is supported by a range of courses, learning and teaching approaches that instill 21st Century skills and ample opportunities for professional development.

In addition to establishing a high quality learning environment, we have created a global network of academic, accreditation and industry partnerships to ensure that the qualifications you earn are globally recognised and the associated skill sets remain valid and relevant to the industry. Active industry engagement and real-world work opportunities play a pivotal role in True School’s learning experience through masterclasses, guest lectures, industry panels, industry networking events, performance opportunities and internships.

Institutional Affiliations


Leadership Team

Ashutosh Phatak,

A successful musician paves his or her own path and has a unique combination of skills that attract audiences and employers alike. This is precisely what we encourage and teach at The True School of Music. Having observed attributes of success over the past 25 years in the music industry, it’s beautiful to recognize those traits in their nascent form and nurture them in our TSM ecosystem.
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Nitin Chandy, Co-Founder

Creating True School and being part of the journey to where it is today has been one of the most fulfilling and satisfying experiences, ever!!! I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most passionate and dedicated people who share our vision of the school and what we want to see happen, in the music industry here. We strive to make the environment we work in a happy one, so that working and learning happens at its optimal and each and every one whether employee or student feels a sense of community and belonging.
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Gianluca Liberatore, Dean

Being at TSM has been an absolute pleasure and one of the most enriching experiences of my life. It has been truly inspiring to be working with students that strive towards achieving their fullest potential and with colleagues who aspire to deliver the best music programs in the country. It has been very rewarding to see the fruits of our work positively impact and shape the music industry in India and I’m excited to see the results for years to come.
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Nilesh Thomas, Head of Business Development

Working with the team here at True School gives me an immense sense of purpose. I was instantly on board with the vision and philosophy of the school when I met with Ashu and Chandy the very first time. It is a highly fulfilling experience when like-minded individuals come together and engage almost on a daily basis to figure out ways to make music education meaningful, purpose-driven, accessible and legitimate.
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A highly capable academic leadership team under the stewardship of our dean, Gianluca Liberatore leads all aspects of curriculum authoring, course delivery and the overall student experience. The dean’s team maintains direct oversight of faculty recruitment, faculty development, curriculum alignment, teaching and learning strategies, assessments, internships and industry engagement.

Cinque Terre

Our highly experienced team of Indian and international faculty bring a global perspective and influence to the learning experience at True School. Faculty members are encouraged to maintain a good balance between professional practice, academia and mentorship, which equips them to craft unique pedagogical approaches that nurture creativity, innovation and enterprise in learners. A number of established industry professionals also form part of True School’s teaching talent, while artists such as Salim Merchant, Ranjit Barot, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonsa, and many others have led on-campus workshops and master classes.

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True School Team

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department helps in facilitating a smooth running of the School premises. We help with all Amenities and Safety at School to keep the Faculty and the students at optimum creative levels. The Human Resources Department also guides out-of-town students to get rented accommodation.

Student Life Cycle

The Student Life Cycle team is the official point of contact between the student and True School. The SLC department deals with anything that involves our students. SLC helps students with anything regarding: - Class schedules - ID cards - Transcripts, grades, and certificates - Class notices - Teacher/student communications - Student events

Audio-Tech Support

The Audio-Tech Support Department provides technical assistance to various indoor as well as outdoor events conducted by True School. It is a team of Sound Engineers who also provide extensive support to students for Audio Equipment and Instruments. Another important role of ATS is to control the bookings for the various facility rooms such as studio, classrooms, practice spaces etc. Students can approach this Department for bookings and trouble shooting in case one is confronted by a technical snag.

Marketing & Admissions

The Marketing Department consists of academic counselors who's main role is to counsel new students and help them find their true calling. This department is also in charge of outdoor events such as school and college festivals, workshops, seminars and other marketing activities such as digital marketing, PR, and branding.


An event is a collection of moments. And life, a collection of events. Some, really good; others, not so much. Some that you want to cherish forever; some that you desperately want to forget. Some that make your heart skip a beat and some that make your insides sick. Some that leave you feeling that pure, wide-eyed, open-mouthed amazement like a kid in a toy store and others that make you feel like a fish that just got pulled out of the water, grasping for breath. You get the point. Life at TSM is also a collection of events. Masterclasses, workshops, performances, juries, jam sessions, auditions, birthday celebrations, ALS's, drum battles, etc. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to relive the events that pass us by? To either reminisce on them or maybe to learn from our mistakes or to just sit back and have a good laugh when we're decades past them. This is what the Video Department at TSM enables. We capture the big and small moments that make up life at TSM. From that time you blew a million minds away with a guitar solo or that time when you mispronounced a word during a masterclass and sent the entire room into fits of laughter, we have it all. Photographs and videos. That's what we do. We create memories. The footage from these moments and events is used to create content that goes on our social media platforms and/or for promoting the school, its students and faculty. Additionally, they are also available to students and faculty who may need them at any point. We have eyes all over this beautiful place that we call home. So remember to always wear your best smile! Benjamin Thomas is the head of the Video Department.


The Finance Department manages the company's inflows & outflows, students' fee collection and generation of receipts. It also deals with company payments and taxes.


The Admin Department helps in facilitating a smooth running of the School premises. We help with all Amenities and Safety at School to keep the Faculty and the students at optimum creative levels. The Admin Department also guides out-of-town students to get rented accommodation.

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