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5 Ways To Identify A True School Music Production Student – by Noteorious

At the True School of Music, one of the most all-round courses is the music production course. From songwriting, to sound engineering, to arranging, the music production guys have it covered. Here are some basic tips to identify our MP students, as we fondly call them:

1) Look In The MP Labs: Look into any of the two music production labs, is definitely the first marker. You’re unlikely to find anyone other than an MP student sitting there. If by any chance there’s someone else there, you can be sure that they’ve been “hired” by an MP student to help complete his/her assignment.

Look In MP Lab

2) What’s Your instrument?: It’s unlikely to find an MP student who plays just one instrument. Though their primary instrument would be the keyboard – which is used for MIDI inputs and recording software tracks on their digital audio workstation – they would certainly be able to play another instrument WELL, like the guitar or drums, or even the violin, and even if they can’t, they’ll know everything there is to know about playing it.

Whats Your Instrument

3) Producer Talk: “Did you get Kontakt?” “Oh I created a Massive patch.” “Logic fails me most of the time.” No, this isn’t wrong grammar or secret code, this is normal everyday lingo for an MP student. Kontakt and Massive are software plugins, while Logic is a popular digital audio workstation. You’ll find MP students debating over sounds and waveforms and short forms and various other technical things only they can understand. Also, if you try to go technical on them with your instrument, they’ll probably expound on the software aspect of that as well.

Producer Talk

4) Can You Play For Me?: MP students get graded not just on the musicality of their assignments but the quality of the recordings too. So you’re likely to find them asking around the True School for a virtuoso sessions musician, such as a pro guitar student, or drums student or bass student etc. And you can sometimes bargain for free food if you agree to play for their recordings.

Can You Play For Me

5) No Time For Bed, No Time To Rise: It’s a fact that MP students in the True School barely get any sleep. The assignments are hard work and require hours and hours of careful listening and recording. Which is why you’ll find them in school from 10 am to 10 pm (that’s our open hours), working on their assignments. Or you can be sure that if you text an MP student at 3:00 am just for the heck of it, he or she will be awake 90% of the time.

No Time For Bed

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