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5 Online Courses for Music Producers That Will Give You An Edge

Competition is tough out there and you need to be on top of your game to stand out from the rest. We have selected 5 courses from our Artist Series that will help you do exactly that and improve your overall production skills.

1. The Boiler Room: Influences of Rhythmic Cultures in Music Composition, Production and Performance with Ranjit Barot

Through this course, you will be able to approach and integrate the deep world of rhythm into your performance, compositional and creative workflows.

2. Making Music for Films with Zubin Balaporia

Learn the fundamentals of how to Analyse, Compose, Arrange and Record Music for any kind of visual – be it Film, Television Serial or Television Commercials through the experience of veteran rocker and music composer Zubin Balaporia! This course is designed for you, whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast or a full-fledged producer, with assignments based on your abilities and knowledge that is universally applicable.

3. Creation and Calibration of your Aesthetic Compass with Joel Hamilton

Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated Brooklyn-based record producer, engineer, and musician, Joel Hamilton teaches this high level course which shines a light on the internal process of the producer, musician, and engineer, in the business of making compelling recordings that do well in the marketplace. Through this course you will be able to self analyse and dissect your working methods and creative process to create your own “aesthetic compass” to guide you through the art and craft of making recordings, as an engineer, producer, or even as a singer/songwriter/composer.

4. Music in Advertising with Ashutosh Phatak

“Making music for advertising encompasses ALL areas of music composition from melodic/thematic writing, film scoring, lyric writing, forms, arrangements and production, all done for a short period of time, in a short period of time and for a brief! These are all fundamentally required skills for any commercial producer and we will be exploring all these crucial aspects over the 10 weeks we have together. I’m excited to share my experience with you in an open and unfiltered exchange so you can get a jump start in this exciting and lucrative compositional medium!” – Ashu

5. Konnakol, Math & Rhythm for Music Producers with Viveick Rajagopalan

Learn different methods of understanding rhythm using the traditional vocal percussion art form called Konnakol through Viveik’s unique approach. As music producers, you will be able to break down phrases and explore multiple rhythmic options through some of these ancient methods. Build your rhythmic arsenal and make your productions stand out by incorporating these techniques directly in your work!

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