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5 Careers From A Music Education

If music is your passion, then it’s important you study music in a professional environment. Many people may try to discount the career paths made possible with a music education. The truth is there are countless careers that you can have, and we will share five of them with you.

Performing Artist

There are many ways for you to be a performing artist. You may want to be instrumental and tour the country or even the world to showcase your skills as a pianist or guitarist. You may also want to be a singer where you can belt out your own tunes and take to the stage. There are career opportunities locally as well as around the globe.

Band Member

After you have learned how to play an instrument on a professional level, you may want to start a band or be asked to join one. Whether it be with a rock band or as part of a professional orchestra, there are plenty of options to explore for a rewarding career where you can utilize your musical education to its fullest.

Film Composer

If it’s your dream to score a Bollywood film, then an education in music is the place to begin. Film composers must be both technical masters and artistically capable of matching music with theme, setting, emotion and more. Typically, a film composer must be adept with multiple instruments while also knowledgeable of overall music composition.

As a film composer, you may also be responsible for selecting music that has already been recorded. You need to have a good ear for hearing the beats as well as determining whether the lyrics fit. Studying music in a professional environment can help you to develop the skills that are needed for such a career.

Music Teacher

A music teacher is a great way to spread the love of music that you have. There are many ways to be a music teacher, and this can be done within a primary school, a higher education university, or even as a private tutor. Music teachers can specialize in lessons for a particular instrument or teach general musical composition, theory or history. Regardless of your choice, if teaching is in your blood, then an education in music is what you need.

Song Writer

Without a writer, a song can never be born.  You may be a song writer for yourself, a band, an individual performer, or even for a marketing company, creating the marketing jingles that are sung to promote a product. When you decide to make your career a song writer, you can follow your passion and write the lyrics or music to create your own songs.

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